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Virtual Blind Auditions

At Opera Cecilia, we hope to be innovators in this industry, and that begins with our audition process. For the first time ever in OC season two, we were proud to present our virtual blind auditions. We hope that this process will help level the playing field and create more inclusivity in this beautiful art form. We all have subconscious and conditioned bias. Through our first few seasons, OC aims to break those down and experiment with new ways to create a more equitable artistic future. Bias or current economic status should never get in the way of a beautiful artist's work being shown to the world. Opportunities to take part in virtual blind auditions will be announced here according to the casting needs of upcoming productions. 

Every voice deserves to have a chance to share their art with the world. You are a person not a product, and we hope that this new initial blind audition round helps you know that we are treating your art with care and giving it the most equal opportunity possible. OC is committed to never blacklisting any artists. If you are not cast in this season, you are always welcome to come back and audition again! Please note that to honor our company's mission, we do not put an age cap on our audition process. This being said- preference for our productions will go toward artists at the emerging/developing level that have not performed a principal role with an A or B house, and are not currently under artistic management.

- For more information about the process, please listen to our podcast "The Savvy Soprano," or feel free to send our artistic director an email at:

Season Two Casting Announcements

Congratulations and welcome to our new artists this season, who will perform vital roles in our season productions alongside our artistic team. 

Taylor Gonzaga Soprano

Taylor Gonzaga, Soprano

Judy Billington Pianist

Judy Billington, Pianist

Olivia Alfsen-Steadman Mezzo Soprano

Olivia Alfsen-Steadman, Mezzo Soprano

Tanis Gonzaga Tenor

Tanis Gonzaga, Tenor

whitney robinson

Whitney Robinson, Mezzo-Soprano

marissa howard

Marissa Howard, Soprano


Elena Negruta, Soprano


Julia Powers, Soprano

Jillana Kucey Headshot

Jillana Kucey, Soprano

Erin Ridge - Headshot

Erin Ridge, Soprano

Zoë Spangler Headshot

Zoë Spangler, Soprano

sydney guthrie

Sydney Guthrie, Soprano

Elizabeth Cohen

Elizabeth Cohen, Soprano


Marcos Galvez, Tenor


Wil Kellerman, Baritone


Tanis Gonzaga, Tenor


Taylor Gonzaga, Soprano

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